"This being my sixteenth birthday I have decided to begin a diary..."

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

November 30, 1900

This being my sixteenth birthday I have decided to begin a diary and hope I will "remain true" and not forget my diary at the close of each day. I will make a confident of you Dear Diary. As 'tis said that when any-one is at this age 'tis the happiest age of anyones life, because a small child cannot appreciate fully the pleasures of life and when older have cares and responsibilities. So would like to begin my diary at this age. Yestarday being Thanksgiving, Mrs. May Brown invited May Jones and I out to take dinner at her beautiful country home. We enjoyed the day very much and especially the "dinner". Attended a party at May Bess Scott's Thanksgiving night. Was escorted by Jim Garrison. May spent the night with me. We got up this morning at about "(?)" - eight.. Have been feeling somewhat solemn tonight as there is some-thing that is to be renewed three years from now, (will be nineteen) provided I think the same I do now, Suppose it was for the best that it was broken but seems hard.

Monday, May 30, 2011

December 4, 1900

Jennie Coleman spent the day with us.  She come to get me to show her to make a fascinator.  Papa carried Dollie Prichett to the penitentiary this evening.  She was a murderess and was supposed to have killed her baby.  Jennie also spent the night with us.  I wrote a letter to Laurence today.  Twenty pages.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

December 9, 1900

Did not get through my mornings work in time for S.S. this morning but attended church services.  Rev. W. A. Harris our new minister preached.  I was very much impressed with his sermon and think I shall like him very much.  He seems to be very much in earnest about the salvation of souls in Canton, as he asked all those who wanted a great revival and souls saved this year, to come and kneel in prayer. Jim came down this aft. and our conversation was one that I suppose I will think of evry day that I live.  And oh! I have prayed to God that my future may not be what it will be if certain things do not change.  Perhaps if it has to be so, it is my cross and I will try to bear it meekly.  I leave it all in the hands of Him, who knows and will do best.  I feel that it will be as we wish it.  Went to church tonight with May and Annie Laurie.  Did not feel like going but went anyway.  Come from church with Mat and Albert.  They made me go out to Mats.  She told us she was to get married between the coming January and the next, but don’t know whether she meant it or not.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

December 10, 1900

Begun a 'kerchief today going to put drawn-work and lace on it.  Papa and Col. Hutcherson went bird-hunting this aft.  Linda came from Univeter this afternoon.  Mama begun making my jacket this morning.  I sent to Douglass & Davidsons for samples of lace, insertion and footing.  Miss Nita gave me a music lesson after supper as the Perry children took up my regular period.  There are three cases of scarlet-fever in a Burtz family in town.  I do hope it wont spread. School was dismissed a little sooner than was intended on account of the fever.  Mr. Gresham and Harper will not return, but Miss McGee will.

Friday, May 27, 2011

December 29, 1900

Stitched some aprons for Mama and finished "Courting of Dinah Shadd" this morning.  Dressed this aft. and called on Susie Richards and also went out to Mat's to see Rosa Putnam but Rose was up at Mrs. John Bartons.  Went to a party tonight at Dr. Turks with Paul Jones.  We went by and carried Mat.  There is a woman white, who begun cooking for us today.  Her husband is in jail.  Papa puts her inside to stay with her husband evry night.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

December 31, 1900

Stayed at home and read all the morning.  Mr. McPheeters an Atlanta, Peachtree street man came down here this aft. with Mr. George Simpson to get Papas gun, I went to the door in a “beautiful” dress.  Our pastor Mr. Harris and little son John came down this aft. on a pastoral visit.  Malinda Spier and Lute Putnam called this aft., also Mat Kilby and Rosa Putnam, also Pollie Webb and Mrs. Pickett.  Went to a party at Foster Jones tonight.  Was quite swell, “I mean the party.” Played proggressive love-making.  Mr. McPheeters received first prize and Joel Galt booby prize;  Miss Miriam Vaughn received first prize and Miss Maud Hogan booby prize. Miss Miriam Vaughn dressed as a gypsy had her tent in the corner of the dining room and told fortunes.  I went in the tent with Mr. Christman of Atlanta.  They played carroms, crolard’s and nations.  Paul Jones carried me over.  The party was in honor of Miss Miriam Acree of Clarksville, Tenn.  Foster and she were school-mates at Colledge Park.  I was the only one of “our set” invited so felt honored.  The new whistle of the Marble Mill was blown for the first time last night at twelve.  It announced the beginning of the 20th century, and also announced the “Death of the Old Year and Birth of the New.”  It is a pretty toned whistle.  I hope that this year will not bring forth any sorrows but may be a happy one.  May I do good and make others happy.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

January 12, 1901

Went down to Miss Nita’s in the aft. to my Musical History class.  Lute, Ethel & myself were only ones there, also went to Cousin Lois, Mrs. Garrison’s, Mats and Leo’s.  We heard of Cousin Emma Woods death several days ago.  It is real sad but suppose ‘twas for the best or it wouldn’t have been done.  Am so sorry for the family.  She died at The Grady Hospital.  Uncle Henry B. told Papa this morning he was going to move to Holly Springs and keep a store and that Laurence was coming up and stay in the store while he went to Lithia Springs as his health is not good.  They have a new boy at their house, about two weeks old.